Friday, July 9, 2010

Independence Day Celebration!

Since the 4th of July was on a Sunday, our little town of Menan celebrated our National Birthday on Monday, July 5th. We started the morning with a 5K fun Run. Darryl and Cali ran with friends Don Mickelsen, Julie and Doug Griffith, And the Schaat Family, Rob (Tamar's Husband), Nathan, Tamar and Sonja.It was the largest turnout ever for the 5k.
Darryl finished in 31:47. Just over a minute slower than he ran on Saturday.
After the pancake breakfast and cleaning up we came back to the park for fun and entertainment.
I was the first one up to sing in the entertainment portion.
Darryl, Gideon, Cali, Travis, Jesse and Kelly were all there for the fun and food!
About 1:45 we went out to watch the parade.

The crowd was the largest I had ever seen. Probably because all the other towns had celebrated on Saturday and Sunday.

The parade started off with the truck handing out chocolate milk to all of the spectators.
And Gideon loves chocolate milk!
I learned that Idaho Falls Fire Department has bagpipers...
Gideon loved waving his flag, especially at all of the fire trucks that went by.
These kids were advertisement for a the college newspaper. All of their outfits are made out of newspaper.
And this is truly a first. In all of my years of parade attending and participation, this is the first ever Tupperware float I have ever seen!
So.... I said, "Hey Travis", And he looked.....
"Uh, ... Travis dear, Since you are not covered up and protected from the cold north wind yet, could you please take a picture of us for the blog? Pretty please?"
This is about 9:30 p.m. Yes, It was that chilly! Thank you Travis for taking the picture. And I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day Celebration too!