Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Liberty 5K

We interupt this regularly scheduled blogging and Zoo report to give you the latest information on the running escapades of Darryl and Cali. BTW, the date on the picture is still wrong. It should be July 3, 2010. I took the battery out and canceled the date.
Three weeks ago, after our daughters finished running the Teton Dam Marathon, Cali asked Darryl if he would run the marathon with her next year and he said he would. Well, that did it. A week later she asked him if he would run the Liberty 5K in Rexburg on the 4th of July weekend. We don't know why, but he said yes. Now keep in mind that I have been married to this man for 34 years, and except for a short time in the early 80's and a couple of weeks in 2006, I have never known him to run more than a few hundred yards at a time. and then only a few times.

Darryl started training on Saturday June 26th when he ran 2 miles before stopping and exclaiming, and I quote, "my legs turned to jelly and thought I was going to die". On Monday he ran a mile before his asthma kicked in. The fact that it's hay cutting season here didn't help. I bought him an inhaler on Thursday and he ran another mile before his lungs were burning and it was even worse. I was beginning to think that he might not be able to do this. So this morning after breakfast he drank an energy drink, took a shot from his inhaler and then off to the races we went.
It was very cold this morning, 45 degrees. They lined up and....

....they're off!

Just past the 2 mile mark Darryl was still going strong... sort of....,
Cali was doing great at two miles!
At the finish Darryl was looking a little tired, but happy with his accomplishment!
And Cali was looking great as she crossed the finish line a couple of minutes behind Darryl.
The girls were so proud of their Dad.
Gideon wanted to wear Cali's race number

..and then took off for the course.
Soon he made Cali moved the number to his leg so he could be like Grandpa, and then they would race. It was a great day and I am so proud of Darryl. He will be 56 yrs. old on August 4th and he ran his first 5K and did it in 30 minutes!
Way to go sweetheart! Great Job Cali!
On a side note, go to and check out Skye's results from her 10K Hawaiian Run!


Cali and Travis said...

I do hope that I shall have the opportunity to run with daddy again! It was really fun!

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

You need to post dad's results. I nearly busrted with pride when I got the text that he came in Third Place in his age group!