Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hillary's Quilt

My daughter Hillary is one of those people who can do anything. Or maybe the more correct way to put it is, she is not afraid of failure, so she is willing to try anything.
She has never really been into sewing, but two years ago, to fight off boredom she decided to make her husband to be a quilt. It took her most of the summer and lot's of help from Jaque, but she did it and it was beautiful. Two weeks ago she was visiting and said "Mom, do you have any scrap material? I want to make a quilt".
Ten days later this is the finished product!!
Great job Hillary! I am very proud of you!!!
The title line to her blog says it all.... "Who says A.D.D. is a bad thing?"


Hillary and Jake said...

Well we can tell by looking at this picture that one thing I definitely can't do is look good in photos.

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

That quilt is beautiful! Great job Hillary!