Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One More Thing Done

When I came home from Mexico I brought with me 7 large pieces of fabric to make into table cloths for my daughters and me. I have finally completed all of the table cloths and I would like to say..... I love mine! It has such an autumn feel to it (which I didn't even think about when I bought it in Mexico last May) and making it fit my octagon table was easier than I thought. I have enough fabric left over for place mats, napkins ...
..and if I am lucky, maybe a new table runner!
I know I have complained about the snow and cold weather, but one thing I do like about it is the opportunity it gives me to stay inside and sew/quilt. :-)


Jacob and Cami said...

I love my table cloth!

Hillary and Jake said...

if you havce fabric left over from mine can you make me a new apron?