Monday, February 28, 2011

Relaxing Hawaii

I had a lot of fun Last week relaxing and playing in Hawaii. On Saturday the 19th Skye took me to Turtle Bay to see the resort. It was very lovely and relaxing. I can see why people want to stay there.
The Lobby Flower arrangement was bigger than Skye.
The Macaws in the Lobby were a nice colorful touch..

This guy slept the whole time we were there.
That evening the men of the church had an Iron Chef Competition. The Elders vs. the High Priests and the Priests Quorum. The secret ingredient was BACON!
Ryan is pitting a date which will be stuffed with chorizo (sausage), wrapped in bacon and baked then served with a sauce. It was delicious. We were treated to Bacon wrapped Chestnuts, meatloaf, chicken. Bacon Stuffed Chicken, Bacon and Potatoes, ....
Bishop Logan made a fabulous shrimp and Bacon Chowder...
Bacon Cheeseburgers, Salad, etc. Even Chocolate Covered Bacon and Brown Butter Bacon Ice Cream which was absolutely delicious!
It was a wonderful activity, which the Elder's Quorum won and everyone left with their Palates perfectly satisfied!
Wednesday Skye and I took the bus to Hale'iwa in search of some Shave Ice and snorkeling,
We agree that the best Shave ice on the North Shore isn't the one made famous by the TV food shows, but the one at Tropical Rush.
Pinacolada shave ice with ice cream in the bottom of the cup and sweetened condensed milk on top!
If you ever come to Haleiwa you can't miss their store, it's right on the North Shore Drive,
in the Tropical Rush Building!
When Lunch time rolled around we went to Pizza Bob's and shared a delicious Kalua Pork Sandwich.
We stopped at Turtle Bay on the way home to meet up with Ryan. He took us on a private tour of the grounds and some of the secluded beaches where they film episodes of some of your favorite shows.

On Friday we visited the Dole Plantation. Ryan and Skye have lived here for over a a year and have never been there. Of course we had to feed the coi in the pond.
Skye shows off her muscles needed for picking pineapple?
These pictures are especially for Jacob and Cami , Jason and Shiloh.
We looked all over but couldn't find a mole or a vertically challenged Conductor.
The Dole Whip Pineapple Float was delicious though...
It was all good until we say this. Ryan dipping his Fries in the Pineapple whip.
Friday night we went to the BYU-Hawaii production of Oklahoma. It was a fun production and Skye had a lot of fun being a "Chorus Girl".

Yesterday Skye and I sang in church. She was getting sick and by this morning she and Ryan were both coming down with colds and upset stomachs. Guess I will play nurse a little bit today.
We are headed to the other side of the Island for a couple of days. I will take some good sunset pictures and post them for you. Take care and stay warm.

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Cali and Travis said...

Tell Skye that paradise looks good on her. She seriously looks so pretty even when she's goofing around. It's almost a little sickening! Glad you're all having fun.