Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tra La - It's May! Baby Showers and Other Fun!

Darryl and I arrived home from Mississippi on May 15th. The following week was very busy with cleaning, unpacking, repairing a leak and remodeling the weight room into a library. We did have one sweet surprise when we got home...... 4 newborn Kittens!!

Gideon also came over to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa. He serenaded me in the morning with "Snowman, Snowman". Can't we teach him a springtime song? Popcorn or something?

The following Tuesday I ventured down to Utah to meet up with Skye and Ryan. Cami also flew in and Cali and Jesse came down for a surprise baby shower for Skye.

Hillary hosted the outdoor event- the weather was perfect and the food, delicious!

This is the first shower of any kind I have been to where the backyard trampoline played such a key roll.

It served as a good babysitter for the children who were there.

Parker enjoyed herself immensely...

She very quickly took to Uncle Ryan and he entertained her most of the day.

Skye was very surprised and had a great time opening her gifts.

Thanks to all who attended,... it was a wonderful affair.

After everyone left I decided I needed to get a picture of my three expecting daughters.

Jesse is due first on Sept. 7, Cami on Sept. 15 and Skye on October 21st.

After that the fun really began as all my daughters decided they needed to play on the trampoline.... The instigator of this was Cami..

Three pregnant ladies on a trampoline.... this can't be good.

Then Cali and Hillary joined them... Oh what fun!!!

And then it moved right into Hilarious....

In her defense.... This is her third pregnancy .....

No... no one is hurt. They are laughing so hard at Cami's predicament that they couldn't even stand up!

Cami, billions of mothers can relate....

This past Monday and Tuesday we had 2 more baby showers here in Idaho. One for Skye and one for Jesse. Lily loved the refreshments....

My sweet expectant Mothers!

Good food, good friends and lively conversation. It was so fun.

Cami... you're supposed to be helping to make the refreshments, not eat them all!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I have no pictures of Jesse's shower, but I am sure she will post them on her own blog.

Finally, more than a week ago I promised Gideon that he and I would hike the butte when Lily got here. Since yesterday was so beautiful we took full advantage of it.

Lily and Gideon packed snacks in their backpacks, grabbed a "bug house" and butterfly net and away we went.

When we got back home Cami and Parker were enjoying the afternoon on a blanket in the yard.

Yesterday, Darryl had to pack for a short trip to Colorado. Little Miss Parker decided she needed to go with Grandpa!

Gideon has learned to work the jets in our master bath tub. Cali put a little bubble soap in there, but when her back was turned Gideon put the rest of the bottle in and punched the Jets button.

We could see they were very, very clean.......once we found them amid the suds.

And that, dear family and friends, is what we have been doing for the last two weeks.
Have a wonderful day!


Cali and Travis said...

What fun it's been having sisters and cousins to play with. So sad they had to leave :(

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

I'm just glad you can hike the butte. I feel like my kids will have a more mobile grandma than the mother I had in high school. So grateful for modern medicine. I could hardly believe how much you walked and jogged in Hawaii. Good to see you out and about!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Monday a friend from church asked me "Why do you run?" I could answer.. "Because I can." She was not satisfied with my answer until I explained my desire to use this gift of a healthy body and run with my family in a big race. So I am now officially training for the Ragnar!