Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays and Babies

What a wonderful week for the Cunningham family! I spent the week with Jesse and Kelly as we awaited the arrival of their little girl. We set up the nursery, finished the fall yard work, washed the windows (with Jesse doing the outside windows going up and down the ladder. I know, I know.... But she is a lot like her mom and insisted on doing most of this work herself, either hoping it would put her in labor or afraid of me hurting myself or breaking something :-) and mostly waiting and waiting.

On Friday Cami went into labor and gave birth to Gage William Guffey in the early evening.

Gage (or as Aunt Cali calls him G.W.) weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 19.5 inches long.
He was 1 day past his due date.

Lily and Ransom love their little brother. Here Ransom tries to share his cracker with him.

Lily is having fun being a little mother to Gage.

Of course Jacob is proud and happy of his little family.

Yo Ho Ho! We are so happy you are here with us little Gage.

Although Parker's 1st Birthday is on Tuesday we celebrated it on Saturday when the whole family could be there. Gideon showed me all the decorations he helped put up and was very proud to fulfill his official job - Hat and party blower passer outer. :-D

Parker was so happy to have Daddy home. Travis helped her watch Gideon open all of her presents as she didn't really know what to do.

Hey Grandpa.... I am thirsty.

Everybody sing - Sister, Sisters... Phyllis and Daniece (Nana).

Kelly and Jesse just hours before she went to the hospital.

All these are for me?

Yes, it's fun to be one! Love the cake Cali! (Bwaaaahhhhh!!)

Gideon taking the opening of sisters presents very seriously.

I know you lost a lot of weight Cali, but it looks a little small for you. Love the Scottie Dog though!

Saturday night Jesse and Kelly went to the hospital and Sunday we had another beautiful Grandbaby. Tyree Kay Crystal!

The happy Crystal Family!

Tyree is a little bigger than her new cousin, of course she was 11 days overdue...

She arrived at 3:00 in the afternoon and weighed 8 lbs .06oz. and is 21 inches long.
She is a round little thing and has quite a bit of hair.

The Aunties couldn't wait to hold her. Cali and Randi Jo fawning over little Tyree.

Grandma Jolene and her new baby girl.

Aunt Cali and little Tyree.

The Proud Grandmas, the beautiful mama and our little bundle of joy!.....

Tyree Kay Crystal!

P.S. - The dates on all of these pictures are one day ahead of what they should be. No matter how many times I change it it is still wrong. I am now trying to take the date stamp off all together.


Jessica said...

A BIG CONGRATS to everyone!!!
Love that Jesse is rockin' her RIGBY softball jersey tee, I still love to wear mine too!

Hillary and Jake said...

I know Tyree is a brand new baby and all, and everyone will say she looks like a baby, but I see a bit of Kelly in that little girl.