Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday Girls

Yesterday was September 20, 2011 and it was Cali and Parker's birthdays. And in case you are looking on the time stamp on the picture... YES IT IS WRONG! I thought I had removed it but instead it went back to the factory setting. Oh well,... on with the post.

My Birthday girls on their day as we were leaving to go to dinner.

It would be impolite to tell you Cali's age, but Parker is 1 year old and was born on her mom's 33rd birthday...

Cali's best birthday present she was when she stepped out of the house and her sister Jesse said, "Geeze Cali, you look like a toothpick!"
FYI- Jesse is now holding the "favorite sister status" for Cali.

I made Cali a Sopapilla Cheesecake for her birthday cake. It was delicious. I am sure she had some this morning for breakfast! Happy Birthday Girls!


Cali and Travis said...

I did have some for breakfast this morning. Thanks so much it was very yummy!!!

Jacob and Cami said...

Oh my goodness! You look awesome! I'm totally stealing some of your clothes the next time I come. That is if they fit. They may be too small.