Thursday, April 19, 2012

Louisiana Springtime - Part 1

It's Springtime in Louisiana. The weather is warm, the magnolias are in bloom, it rains a lot and we have opened up the dome. Cody was the first guy on top. Never fear, he is tied off properly. The lanyard around his neck is his second positioning lanyard.

The men are building curbs on top of dome #1.

On March 10th Darryl, Cody and I all ran in the Ozone Spring Run. It was the Louisiana 10k State Championships and 2 mile run.
It was Darryl's first run in over a year. He and I ran the 2 mile race while Cody ran the 10K.
The before Picture of Cindy and Darryl. I did place first in my age group and was quite pleased.
Cody, on the otherhand, did fabulous. He placed 6th overall in the state and 5th in the men's catagory. (There was one woman who place 3rd overall. She has competed in the Olympic Trials and she is good.) Cody also qualified for a seeded spot in the Crescent City Classic.
We were quite proud of him.
We also attended our very first Crawfish Boil in March. Can you say DELICIOUS!!!!
This is the Cajun way... Dump it all out on the table and dig in!
Darryl and I also ran the the St.Patricks Day 10K on March 17th. Darryl did fantastic and finished with a time of about 1 hour 9 minutes. I finished in 1 hour 16 minutes.
Lots more fun to come in the next few posts. And also and explanation as to why I am home posting in the middle of the day.

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Cali and Travis said...

So now I need to see photosi of your most recent race! :)