Sunday, April 29, 2012

Louisiana Springtime - Part 2

Reagan Elisabeth and Skye came to visit in March and she immediately stole Grandpa Darryl's heart.

It was so fun to come home from work and play with our sweet little girl. It was also nice to have Skye around to visit with and keep the conversations lively, especially on a political front.
Skye took advantage of our kitchen and had dinner waiting for us most evenings when we arrived home from work. All this time I have been thinking I have such a small kitchen, but to Skye it was quite luxurious. (She especially enjoyed cooking on something fancier than a hot plate and a toaster oven and doing dishes in the dishwasher.)
As for little Miss Reagan, she enjoyed her new Bumbo every chance she got.
On Saturday, April 7th we visited
Reagan takes after her mom and loves looking at the sea life. I think it helped both Skye and Reagan adjust to being away from Hawaii.
I know it is an Aquarium, but they also have an insectarium and this great parakeet aviary where you can...... (you have to sing it-) 'Feed -the - birds' -
It was not quite 'tuppence a bag', instead it was a 'doller for a feeding stick'. Hmmmm...doesn't seem to fit the song.
Reagan would try to grab the birds when they were near. Skye and Cody had a blast!

I had a great picture up here of the albino Alligator, but then I hit the wrong button and every picture deleted. When I re-posted I forgot it. I will use it to start my Easter post next week. Until then, have a wonderful day. We miss all of you and wish you could come visit and enjoy some of this Louisiana Springtime!


Hillary and Jake said...

Wow!looks like so much fun. If there were turtles in JAWS that picture of Cody would be scary, Instead it is going to be my new wall paper. Neptune (the current turtle on my desktop) needs a break. What should I name this one? I'm thinking TED, or Henry.

ryan lowry said...

Glad you posted those!

Cali and Travis said...

Cute little baby Ray-Ray! I want to see her soon!

Elaina said...

Lots of fun and great pics!!