Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our Summer Fun - Part 2, Wasatch Back

On the 7th of June I flew to Idaho for a few days to visit Cali and Jesse and their families.
 Little Tyree was the sweetest thing!

Cali, Gideon and I headed down to Utah on the 14th to meet up with Cami and Jacob and their kids. We stayed the night at Hillary and Jake's and on Friday morning headed for the mountains to begin our journey running the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay.
Our Team was the Master Sprinters, named after the Rat, Master Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoons. We had an all women's team and we had a blast! Below is a picture of our first Major Exchange.

We came to a little town called Eden. This photo is for Cody. 

Cindy  posing with Runner Barbie.  No wait.... That's Cami!

Old Eden Town.
My first exchange -
Cali looked at this picture and said "See mom, you look like a real runner.... sort of."
Cami is proud of her Ragnar Tattoo.
 Meanwhile, back at the Crystals. (Actually, I don't know how Tyree's picture ended up here).

 Cali and Bethann

Mom and her girls

She is such a pro checking her watch and all. I would either forget to start my watch or forget to stop it. I finally quit worrying about it.

I sat on this post for an hour waiting for Cali to come in and make the exchange to Cami. When they did I snapped the picture to late and they were already behind me.
That little spot of pink is our own "Malibu Running Barbie", aka Cami, headed up the trail under the ski lifts.
Our Fabulous Van!
I finally got the exchange between Cali and Cami.
Look, they are both running pros - Check those times girlfriends!
Yes, she is superwoman!
All of our team except for one, but we let the driver get in the photo. It was a success, we finished!
Sunday morning I went to visit Cami, Jacob and kids and their cousin's house.
Gage is so darn sweet!!

Lily modeled her Ninja Turtle headband.
Then it was back to Hillary and Jake's for a few minutes before heading home to New Mexico.

Afterwards Grandma Cinny and Gideon had some fun on the trampoline!
Next post - Darryl and Cody's San Diego Fun!