Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Fun

 Thanksgiving! That wonderful time shared with family and friends in giving thanks for the bounty we have been blessed with. This year were spent the holiday at Grandma Peggy's (Peggy Cunningham, Darryl's mom) in North Carolina. Darryl's Brothers, Bill and Dave were there with their wives along with his sister Cindy Marie and her sons Matt and Will. After a fabulous Thanksgiving feast we went into the woods and watched as David filmed Cody and Shiloh and Jason's children playing in the leaves. You can see his video of the fun here.


Dinner is over.... let the real fun begin!

 Will, Linda, Grandma Peggy, Matt and Cindy Marie..
 Skye, Emily with Reagan, Cody, Maggie, Shiloh holding Micah with Adam and Will.
 Reagan showing off her new Thanksgiving jumper Ryan's mom made for her.

 Watch it! She'll cast a spell on you!! Haha!
 Shiloh and Jason with their wonderful children.

Peggy with her 4 children David, Darryl, Bill and Cindy Marie.

Back Row: Shiloh holding Micah and Jason Guffey, Cody Cunningham, Darryl, Will Meeker, Matt Meeker, Bill Cunningham, Alaina and David Cunningham, Ryan Lowry holding Reagan.
Middle Row: Maggie Guffey and me, Peggy Cunningham, Cindy Meeker and Linda Cunningham
Front Row: Emily, Adrianna, Lydia, Adam, Preston and Jonas Guffey, Skye Lowry

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Hillary and Jake said...

Looks like fun. but why didn't Skipper get a credit in the family photo? that is the dogs name isn't it?