Thursday, January 24, 2013

Touring Houmas House

On Jan. 5th Darryl and I visited the Houmas House on the old Burnside Plantation. It was a lovely house with many beautiful furnishings inside and a grand old history of the Mississippi River Sugar Plantation. By the 1850's this plantation home was called "The Sugar Palace" because of it's beauty and the 98,000 acres of sugar cane.

You take a very nice walk around the property .....

 And through some of the gardens.......

And then you come into view of the main house!

We spent quite a bit of time before and after the tours exploring the beautiful gardens.

Although most of the furniture was not original to the Houmas House Plantation, the current owner is quite the collector and the period furniture was beautiful. It was a lavish and graceful lifestyle to be sure. 

This beautiful scene in the entry hall was painted by the current gardener, who happens to be a professional artist, Mr. Craig Black. 

Above is a beautiful sculpture of a brown Pelican and below is quite the collector's piece. It is a very detailed statue of Abraham Lincoln on a bench cast in solid silver and it weighs 65 pounds. You can see the veins in his hands. This wonderful piece of art was sculpted by none other than Gutzon Borglund of Mt. Rushmore Fame.

In 1963 the movie Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte was filmed on the plantation and the actors and some of the crew stayed at the manse. The room where Bette Davis stayed and slept is on the tour and they have a little memorabilia there. They also have a Vampire slaying kit from the 1800's.

The kitchen is not located in the mansion house but it in the red stucco house that was the original house built in 1780 when the land was granted to it's original owners. This house can be seen behind Darryl in the picture below. There is a 5 star restaurant located at the Plantation with  Chef Jeremy Langlois (who is very famous) creating delicious original menus.

There were more gardens to tour after leaving the plantation house.

We spent almost an hour looking around their wonderful gift shop before leaving. It was such a pleasant way to spend our Saturday together. See y'all while ago!


Jacob and Cami said...

Neato Peato

Cunningham Girls Book Club said...

How beautiful! The interior is just as beautiful as the grounds! I wish I could've gone inside rather than just drive past.