Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Relaxing Saturday in January

Saturday January 12, 2013
I hear from friends and family out West that it has been pretty cold where you are. 

I am sorry to hear that. At 10:00 this morning it was only 77 degrees with a light wind. It was a nice break to have partly sunny skies today since it has been raining all week. In just 12 hours it is amazing how much the water has receded.  

So after breakfast and while waiting for Dome Technologies VP to meet us we decided to do a little souvenir shopping and spent time being tourists. 

We love this little Cajun Village with it's quaint shops, but it was having some issues today. 

Santa Gator was still doing well. 

The sign above us says Gatorville, but the nice gentleman who took the picture didn't get it in the shot. Maybe next time. 

In most stores in this modern era the days after Christmas will find them decorating the stores for the upcoming Valentine Holiday. But not in Louisiana. That's when you start to see everything 

Yes.... I bought the mask. Don't ask me why, I just wanted a cool, mysterious masked ball type mask. 

A nice selection of Mardi Gras Jewelry. (It's not just about the beads you know.)

I really feel bad about all the flooding, but it was a nice pleasant day. We went to a plantation and I will put those photos up later. In the mean time.......
Y'all keep warm. :-)

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Cunningham Girls Book Club said...

Dang that's really flooded! And Idaho looks cold!