Monday, October 7, 2013

Quilts, Birthdays and a Pioneer Museum

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks.
1. First off... I am sad! I accidentally deleted the pictures I took at Parker, Tyree's and Cali's Birthday Party on the 15th of September. :-(  Oh well, The birthday cupcakes were cute, the little girls were adorable and Cali was gorgeous as always!

Here are a couple pics I took off of Cali's facebook page.

2. Before leaving Idaho I finished quilting Cody's quilt. This quilt top was made from a quilt of the month series from Abbot's in Rigby back in 2005. I finished the top in 2006. And again I will say......I love my quilting machine. And in case you are counting, this quilt has 194,164 stitches.

All of my quilt tops are finished. I guess it's time to start making more quilt tops. I hope to make a blog post with my older quilts soon.
3.  Darryl and I left on September 17,  for our new job in Mississippi. On the way East we stopped at the Pioneer Village Museum in Minden, Nebraska. WOW! It's like the Smithsonian of the West! So much to see and learn about. Here are just a few pictures.

If you are ever crossing the U.S. on highway 80, block out a couple of hours and go to Minden, just south of Kearney, and take a stroll back in time at this wonderful world of history! Your kids will love it!

One of the interesting displays housed appliances used to make women's work easier. This entire room is full of washing machines from different eras.
Later this week I will post the pictures I took at my niece's wedding in Zionsville, Indiana and from our visit to Shiloh and Jason's!! Have a happy day!


Cali and Travis said...

Awwww I'm sad you deleted pictures too LOL. Everything else looks cool though.

ryan lowry said...

Can't wait to go visit there!