Friday, October 25, 2013

A Beautiful Autumn Wedding!

Just over a month ago our sweet niece, Jessica McCrea married Matt Templeton in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. It was fun to spend the day visiting with family and friends. Here are a few pictures of the blessed event! 

I was a little skeptical when Michelle asked for wedding pictures from all of Jessica's Aunts and Uncles, but the family displays were very special.

My sisters Michelle, the mother of the bride, and Patty, wedding coordinator/decorator extraordinaire, giving some last minute instructions.  

A beautiful setting for exchanging vows.

Hmmm.... something was funny I guess.

I was in charge of the the cake display and then serving the cake later in the evening. It was quite rustic and lovely! The four flavors of cupcakes were delicious!!!

Let me clarify- I had nothing to do with how wonderful this display looked or how good the cakes tasted. I was just in charge of making sure everything was in the right place. The easiest thing I've done at a wedding in the last 15 yrs. I think. 

Since Matt is a Fireman/Paramedic, the four ushers were all firemen from four different fire districts. I loved their dress uniforms. Below - my nephew, Clint Wiley, ushers his mom Patty to her seat.

 In the family section,
My Sister-in-law, Nancy Eppert and her daughter Hannah & my niece Charlotte and her dad David Shawver.

 My Uncle Ronald and Aunt Peggy Eppert with Darryl.

My sister Sandy Shawver and her husband David.

Brother-in-law of the bride, Ben Gantz and his son Mac.

Clint performing his ushering duties flawlessly.

Cling escorting Michelle to her seat!

Kendra McCrea

Laura McCrea

Erin McCrea Gantz
 The Bride and her Dad. The dress is new but she wore her mother's veil.


Cousin Sam Eppert was the ring bearer.

Mom and Dad singing a beautiful duet for the happy Couple.

Clint and his girlfriend, Christina. 

 Two of the Bride's Sisters - Kendra and Laura.

The Reception!

 Grandma and Mac get ready to Party!

I apologize to Sandy and John that they were almost cut out of our family photo of the five of us. 
The 5 Epperts.

 Here are some close-ups of the McCrea Family display.

The following pictures are my Grandparents Wedding Pictures.
John and Mildred Eppert - Married Oct. 14, 1931 (I think)

Edward and Ruth Lofstrom - married about 1930

All in all it was a wonderful day and a joyful celebration! 
Congratulations Jessica and Matt!