Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hangin' Out With this Sweet Miss!!!

This little sweetie just cracks me up with her antics! You never know what to expect when you are trying to keep track of Reagan!

Recently I heard the saying "Silence is Golden, until you have children, then silence is suspicious!" Truer words were never spoken. 
Skye and Reagan getting ready for a ride. 

Uncle Cody and Reagan get ready to take a turn around the driveway.

So, while Cody and Skye were gone on a short ride, I went to look for Miss Reagan.
Sugar, have you seen Reagan? She had a rawhide stick treat for you. 

Ahhhhh look, Sugar found Reagan and the Rawhide treat! 

Oh sweet girl. You make life sooooo fun! 
Sure do love you little girl!!!!

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