Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Playing Around in Alabama!

Since living here in Meridian, MS, Darryl and I are able to visit Shiloh, Jason and their family up in Madison, AL (near Huntsville) and enjoy our grandchildren . At the fist of October we visited and Shiloh and Jason took us to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. For this outing I handed my camera over to Jonas, Emily and Adrianna and they were my official photographers. What a delight. Following are some pictures of our fun. 

The "Bugs life" exhibits in the garden give you the perspective of being a bug. 

The train village covered about 1200 square feet and was marvelous.

Checkers anyone?

 There are so many fun "hands on" exhibits in the gardens and the children are really engaged and encouraged to play with them! The sweet little boy in the middle in the above photo is Garret. Shiloh babysits for him about 6 days a week.

Being October the gardens were hosting a "Scare Crow" contest. This years theme was Television/movie shows or stars. See how many you can guess of the few I put up during this post. 

Awwww.... nothing like getting a little mushy in front of the grandkids! 

The kitchen herb Garden. ....

This is a dream garden for me. 

And they had a Hammock park area where you can rest for a few minutes.

And yes, these were all Pawley's Island hammocks. 

I had to take a picture of the Minion scarecrow for Gid the Kid!

One of my favorites was the fairy garden with a Hobbit door and toadstools, etc. 

I think I will have to make myself a Fairy Garden inside the next dome we build. 

It was very peaceful...

We played and played all day...

The last stop was the butterfly house, it was small and beautiful. I would like to have this inside my next dome house! 

We finished the day of with 3 buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken and all the fixin's while watching General Conference.

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