Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Fun Round-Up

I know this is supposed to be from January, but I had to add these cute pictures of us with Skye and Reagan from Dec. 29th. 

Darryl and I were leaving straight from church and had a hard time saying good-bye.

Sure do love these girls!

We talked Shiloh and Jason into coming to Meridian and staying with us for New Year's Eve. When they first arrived we had a belated Christmas for the kiddos.

Jordan and Janet Evans arrived with their 4 kids and the party started! Six adults and ten children in our small 1 bedroom apartment. What fun! We played games, ate great food and had a swell time! Janet and Jordan left at 10:30, the older kids, grandma and Shiloh stayed up until 12:10, then they grabbed some floor, or a couch and crashed!

Guess who was the first one up at 5:30? Yep, Micah was rarin' to go!

He helped grandma fix the first breakfast of the new year!

We played games and visited. The weather warmed up nicely so we fired up the Ruckus and Jason took the kids for rides. Emily even got to drive it!

At noon I left to go to Indiana to be with Family as Louise's health was failing so fast. As I headed north Past Huntsville on I-65 they have a rest area with a Rocket. On my way home I stopped and took some pictures.

The end of January brought temperatures in the teens here in Mississippi and most people don't have the outerwear to work in that weather, so they closed the construction site where we were working. Darryl and I took advantage of the closing and went to Alabama to visit the kids.

It was Preston's Cub Scout Pinewood Derby! He was able to be the starter for one of the races!

1-2-3- GO!!

Preston's car is on the far right. He came in second in this heat!
We all had a lot of fun and Preston received an award for the best paint job. He thanked his mom for helping him. He drew the design and she helped him paint it. Hey... it's a family affair!

Yes, we are in the south, but they do sometimes get snow.

This was 5 days ago in the evening of January 28th. We received almost 2 inches of the white powder. Since most everything around here was closed I was happy to stay inside and catch up on my journal and other projects I had going.

Yesterday was February 1st. It would have been dad's 81st. birthday. It was also 67 degrees here in Meridian, Mississippi. You gotta love the South!

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ryan lowry said...

Fun stuff! I can't believe how much snow y'all got down there. And Micah is such a little cutie!