Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lacrosse, Saturday In the Park and Carousel Horses

It has been a busy, busy week! Last Friday I drove to Buena Vista, Virginia where I stayed with Skye and Ryan and watched Reagan while her mommy played in SVU's 2nd Lacrosse match of the season. 

Reagan was so cute and would say "Run Mommy, Run" and "Go Mommy!"

Final Score 10 - 1  Go Southern Virginia University! 
 I left Skye and Ryan's Tuesday morning and drove to Mocksville, NC to spend the day with Grandma Peggy. It was a nice relaxing day.

. On Wednesday I drove over to Madison, Alabama to stay with Shiloh and Jason's 8 children while they flew off to New Mexico and then to Utah for Amelia's Wedding. - Last night I brought them back to Meridian so we could spend the weekend with Grandpa. First thing after breakfast we went on a scavenger hunt to find The Carousel Horses of Meridian. We found over 20 of the 63 horses. Here are some pictures of a few of them. 

Here is Lydia on "Clothes Horse"...

Adam and Maggie on McTiger

Emily on Fruit of the Vine (It was in front of the Fine Wines and liquor store)

Adrianna on 'Horse Play' in front of the Meridian Little Theater. (Notice the Jazz Hands!)

Preston on 'Gypsy'.

Jonas on Grandpa's personal favorite - Iron Horse, located at the Train Depot. 

I love the detail on this horse.

Lydia and Micah on 'Horsepower'.

Maggie on "Your Horseness of the Queen City".

Adam on 'Star Spangled Pony'.

Lydia on 'Blue Chip'.

'Lady' with the family.

'Hope's Call' was covered with Pennies and mirrors.

Disco pose anyone?

'Fair Filly'

'Shimmering C Jewels'

'Midas Mare' at city hall.

At the Library we found 'I Spy'.

The kids had fun pointing out characters from books painted on the horse. 

'C.C. Rider' the crusading horse in front of St. Patrick's Catholic church.

'Caretaker' in front of the health clinic.

As we walked around town the kids became educated on why some parts of town are run down ...

Taxi anyone?

And we talked about the renovation going on making the downtown area beautiful.

After the morning hunt was over we went out to Bonita Lakes park for some canoeing with grandpa.

And the younger kids worked out at the exercise stations-

While Jonas, Emily, Adrianna and I went for a run around the lake.

The kids loved rolling down the big hill. 

We finished the afternoon at Highland Park taking the kids for a ride on the Antique Dentzel Carousel. The oldest operating double row Carousel in the Country. 

A cook out with Red Hots and Brawts with the Missionaries for company followed. 
What a fun day we had! Well, time to get ready for bed. Later gators! 

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Cali and Travis said...

Camp Grandma & Grandpa strikes again! Never a dull day when you leave your kids here!