Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Wedding Celebrations!

There are A LOT of photos in this post. I tried not to write too much.
Yes I know. It's been over a month since I put up the second wedding post and y'all have been wondering - "What's wrong with that woman?"  The truth is I was very busy and just didn't get to it. So - without further adieu, here are the photos from the Wedding Celebrations!
Immediately following the wedding we had a dinner at the Camp Nauvoo Lodge for all of the family and friends who came for the sealing. 

About 1/2 way through the dinner Reagan got up and pulled her chair over to the bride and grooms table. "I want to sit with Cinderella" was the reason given for the table change.

They had a short Ring Exchange ceremony....

then Alisa's grandfather sang a couple of fun songs for the happy couple.

Micah was having a grand ole' time.

A small cake was ordered so the happy couple would be able to cut the cake and share that experience with family members who weren't going to be at the reception later in the week. Here, Jimmy Garber gives them expert photo op instructions.

Skye was such a trooper. She spent most of the day in her high heels, but at 8 1/2  months pregnant, by 6:00 in the evening she was done with the fashion and just wanted to be comfortable. Cody had asked her to sing "At Last" for his first dance with Alisa as husband and wife.

Soon, everyone was enjoying the dancing.

It was such a fun day. The next morning everyone left Nauvoo for various destinations to celebrate Thanksgiving and then on to the Tennessee Reception!

It was held at The Lumberyard in Columbia, Tennessee on Saturday, November 29th. The decor was lovely, rustic and fanciful and the food was not only delicious but beautiful!

Ahhh,.. the real Wedding Cake - and it was delicious! 

Of course, that didn't stop Cody and Alisa from practically having a food fight when they cut the cake.

They had fun and it was fun to watch!
Cody finally got a real bite of the cake from his Uncle Kevin.

A wedding toast and a thank you from the happy couple.....

A toss of the garter (which I missed) and the bouquet (which is pretty blurry) then on with the dancing and celebration!

Cody and Shiloh -

Maggie showing us how it's done!

Lots of fun...

Adam and Maggie cutting the rug.... er... concrete.

Preston was THE MAN!!! He danced with 15 different girls and women (not counting his mom and grandmas.)
Go Preston!

Jason kept dancing with Emily so none of the young men could get a chance.

Cody took Aunt Michelle for a spin on the dance floor.

And we learned that Gabriel LOVES to dance, especially with his Mama, Hillary.

Not sure what's going on here,

And finally, on January 2, 2015 we had an open house in Idaho for the newlyweds. 
Not everything went as planned - The bakery called 2 days before the open house and said they couldn't make or deliver the 400 petits fours I had ordered 2 1/2 weeks earlier, I bought the wrong ingredients for the punch (which was a delicious mistake by the way) and a plane was delayed in Denver causing some of our planned servers and helpers to show up a little late and in jeans and T-shirts. But none of that really mattered, because we had a wonderful time anyway!

I finally had a reason to use all the tea cups in my collection.

Lots of fun, family and friends -

I love this picture of these two sweet girls!

And so ends the posts of the celebrations of the Wedding of our youngest child and only son, Cody, to sweet Alisa Walker.
I loved this sign at the Tennessee Reception, it sums it all up.


Brett Walker said...

Beautiful blogs and pictures. Thank you for sharing and allowing us all to be a part of your life.

Brett and Apryll Walker

Hillary and Jake said...

And just think, now you can breathe because you'll never have to marry off another child.

Cindy Cunningham said...

Thank you Brett and Apryll! It is a wonderful privilege to have you in our lives as well!