Monday, February 2, 2015

Home for Christmas

Yes, I know it has been 6 weeks since Darryl and I went home for Christmas, so I figured it was time to post the pictures from our time spent with family over the holidays.
We arrived home after midnight on the Friday the 19th. The following 2 days we cleaned the house, unpacked and started with decorating for Christmas. We didn't do a lot of decorating, but besides the tree we did display most of the Nativities and decorated the tables.

Wait, what kind of Christmas Decoration is that? Well, it's not a Christmas decoration, but it is Darryl's prized Jade carving from China.

And our Chinese Tea Set, one of 10 Tea sets that came home with us. 
(Did I mention I love herbal teas?)

Red and Gold are Christmas decor colors... right?

Ahhh.... back to the real Christmas decorations.

Jesse and Kelly were up everyday with Tyree and Clancy, Cami and Jacob arrived with their family on Monday evening and Hillary and Jake showed up with Gabe on Christmas Eve. What fun we had with our house full of family and love!

Twas the night before Christmas.......
 Lily made sure to leave Santa a snack and a note. I guess the cookies were good because there wasn't much left.

Christmas day we awoke to a White Christmas -

It doesn't get any better than this!

 Christmas Morning was full of presents and gifts, blessings and fun!
 With race tracks and bubble gloves..

Toy trains and
 stuffed toys...

 Hillary and Jake fixed us Korean Hotuk for breakfast. It was delicious!
 A new hat and bike for Gabe.

 A pretty scarf for Lily...
 and a fun one for Gage.
 A handsome robe for Jake..
 Ransom's Scarf.

 Gage busy enjoying his presents.
 So is his dad.

The highlight of our Christmas evening was Christmas Dinner with our families' own ugly sweater contest. 
 Gabe's had wreaths, ribbons and bells and Jesse's window ornament sweater looked great beside Clancy's ribbon offering

Kelly had a Championship look going on!
 Jake's sweater was truly ugly and Hillary's offering was quite fanciful. Wait to you see the back of it.

Darryl's sweater was a "Partridge in a Hair Tree".

One happy Ugly Sweater Family.

Cami's Centaur Claus was actually quite chic and we were so proud of Lily who made her own 'ugly' sweater.

Another Good Lookin' Ugly sweater Family.

A winged Christmas Mermaid adorned the back of Hillary's sweater. Don't ask why.

Jacob's shirt says it all..... and yes.. that is a scotty dog turtle neck he is wearing. That's just not right.

 Cami fixed us a delicious roast sirloin for dinner with may delicious sides.
Ransom, Lily and Gabe in their ugly sweaters.

 Yep, Christmas is so fun but it wears us out!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Cali and Travis said...

Glad I finally got to see those photos. (The ones I hadn't seen anyway.) Looks like fun.

Hillary and Jake said...

We had a blast. Thanks for hosting!