Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marriage Park and the Peony Festival

Several times we have visited this beautiful Marriage Park, where the traditional Grasslands Wedding is portrayed in dozens of beautiful bronze sculptures and where traditional marriage is celebrated and honored. The first time was in early April as the grass and plants were just coming to life. 

They didn't have a 39 yr. sculpture (we will celebrate our 39th Anniv. this July 14th) so we opted for the 40th.

Our fun ride!

 It's a huge park with a couple of miles of walkways and thoroughfares so we rode in the bicycle buggy.

The Picking Up party. (The groom and friends who pick up the bride and her attendants.)

The bride and attendants.

The Ceremony

The party with lots of music, food and dancing!

almost no greenery the first week of April.

We stumbled onto a group of Jr. High kids throwing a birthday party for their English Teacher. They  wanted to talk with us and take a picture with the Americans.

While we were touring the park, this young man came and asked us where we were from, how we liked Ordos and the park, etc. His name is Hero and he is pictured here with his wife. He works for the Ministry of Tourism.

We had seen groups of children and adults in different colored vests racing around the park in a scavenger hunt. He explained the game and asked us if we would like to hand out the awards, telling us what a great honor it would be for the children and their parents.

The Red team was 3rd place and pink was second.

I put their medals around their necks and Darryl handed out their prizes.

 Yellow team one 1st place!

With all the parents.

 Six weeks later we went back to the same park for the annual Peony Festival. Wow!! What a difference!

That sweet smell of fresh peonies pervaded the whole park and was wonderful!

Outside the park the streets were lined with food booths and souvenir stands.

When we left the Marriage park we walked down to the river and found this old Chinese Fighter Jet on display.

I love how they have so many different things to see and do in this one city, and all within walking distance. We are really blessed to have been able to live here.

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You two make life's journey fun. Thanks for sharing.