Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ordos Idol, Parks and a Foot Fix ~

Almost every mall I have ever been to in China has a super market in the basement. My favorite mall in Kangbashi is no different. One day in April I walked in the mall on my way for some groceries to hear a beautiful Mongolian ballad being sung by an amazing baritone voice. 

The stage, lighting and television crew immediately caught my eye and I realized I had wandered into a show being taped for broadcast.

I talked with my friend John at the electronics booth and he explained that this was auditions for Ordos Idol!

I didn't get any photos of the one girl I saw perform. Her voice was okay, but her dress was stunning!

I realize the desire to share and show off our talents is a universal one, not something only "arrogant" Americans do as so many in the USA seem to think. I suppose the winner goes on to compete in Hohot or Batou and I really hope it is the baritone in the Mongolian robes. He was fantastic!

Darryl trying to unwind the Zebra Sculpture at one of the malls.

Coming from small town America it is hard for me to fathom the amount of sculpture and artwork that is in all the parks, green spaces and along the sides of the roads and streets in Kangbashi (Ordos). I love it though and know it is something I will miss about this beautiful city.

Another Embrace Park

We took a stroll down by the river and discovered a new park and..... more sculptures. It made for a fun Saturday walk.

Darryl and the wise man / hermit guy.

We walked across the river and up the hill to the little pagoda. I tried to get a good panorama of Ordos Kangbashi. (click on the picture to enlarge it.)

I still don't know what purpose this swing bridge serves since you walk up to it from ground level. Maybe it's supposed to be more like art instead of functional.

Another view of Ordos Kangbashi.

The empty white village.

The train station for the little train that runs on this side of the river. It was still closed for the winter.

The view from the Ferris Wheel that was running at the amusement park. We took these photos from the Kangbashi side of the river.

We never tire of looking at the detail in the "pieces" at Chess Park.

One thing I've learned about women and girls, no matter where they live or what their culture, they love shoes! We were eating lunch in Subway when I saw this young lady's shoes and just had to get a photo.

Her name is Linda and her friend is Lucky. They are both 12 yrs. old and spoke pretty good English so we had a nice visit as we walked to the Library.

It is not unusual for Darryl and I to go for long walks on Saturday covering 7 - 10 miles. But I have a problem. Mortens Neuroma in my left foot. I decided to try acupuncture to see if I could relieve some of the pain. I went to the Traditional Medicine hospital here and it was a very busy place.

Their sanitation practices are not what I expected. The crockpot in the above photo has herbal cloth compresses in it. There was a lady with a dog that was sitting on the exam table next to mine, but when a patient needed it she got up and the patient sat there. No, they didn't change the covering on the table or the pillows. I think the only reason they opened up a clean paper sheet and put it on my exam table is because my translator told them I was an American. They also charged me 20 yuan for that service. ($3.24)

They start of with needles and heat for 35 minutes or more

Then go to electronic impulse and suction massage. And I am here to tell you that it worked! It did relieve the pain immediately. Now, if I walk too far, jump, run, the pain comes does back, though not as bad as it was. The Dr. said I would have to continue treatments. Okay, I can do that. And, take it easy with no running, long walks areobic exercising, etc. for several months to get permanent relief. Hmmmm... Not going to happen. At least I can get some relief for a while.

Just a random picture of me and a sweet little boy at one of our favorite restaurants. He came right to me and I sure needed the sweet hug! Then he turned and saw Darryl taking the photo and reached for him.

So that was one week in April. Stay tuned for more!

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Van-Go said...

Just love reading your blog. So much to see in the world. It is nice to share some through you. It is true about the parks and sculptures. We enjoy finding such treasures