Monday, August 17, 2015

More Summer Fun in China

At the end of June Darryl and I decided to visit the nearby city of Ejin Horo and vist their Water Show in the big City Park. Unlike the big cities in China, there are just no foreigners around here. We are such a novelty that people are always stopping us and asking us to take pictures with their children or with them. The day we visited the park we decided to sit on a bench and wait for the water show. For the next 1 hour and 20 minutes we smiled and posed as people lined up to take photos with us.

They had a lot of different playground and exercise equipment, and they had several different dance groups dancing in the park, but so many people wanted to take our photos I didn't get any pictures of those things. Darryl finally started taking pictures to people could see. It was starting to hurt to keep smiling. Haha!

We did have one health mishap. Darryl broke a tooth off and had to have a crown put on. They had just opened a Dentist Office in our apartment complex, which was convenient.

Pastor Dave and his family came over for dinner and we introduced them to the Redhead Express. Their son, Peter, filmed all of the videos. He was quite enthralled.

Mid-July the Grasslands "Love your Heart" Fitness and Aerobics team asked me to become an official member and gave me my uniform!

The summer was flying by!

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