Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sand Dunes and Other Fun in June!

Wow, time is flying by and we will be home in such a short time. I am counting in days instead of months. I really need to put a few more posts up before I get busier with the demobilization of this job.
Darryl and I decided to explore Ordos a little bit more this summer. Here is some of the fun we had in June! 
The Sand Dunes just outside of the city of Ordos Kangbashi.

They had some camels there but they weren't giving rides on the day we were there.

For 20 RMB ($3.00) you could rent a sled and ride the sand to the bottom.

It was a lot faster and scarier than I thought at first.

On my first run I made it all the way to the bottom without a spill.

Darryl's turn

OH NO!!!

 Oops, crash and burn!

Kanbashi in the distance

Then the long climb back up!

My second trip down - lost my hat.

Going so fast I slid right off the front of my sled.

Not to worry, got right back on and finished the hill.

Oh yeah... nothing like having sand everywhere.

Crossing the big bridge on the ride home.

Went to a new restaurant for lunch. Darryl ordered the roast Chicken. It was delicious!

We went to Ejin Horo to visit the governors Palace. It was built in 1902 and used until the 1980s.

You can see the very traditional Chinese architecture throughout the entire compound.

Inside the courtyard, that is the governors office building.

All of the doors to the rooms were locked. The guard called someone and told them there were foreigners here. A lady came and unlocked all the rooms and removed the stanchions and let us walk into each of the rooms. Since she has been there we were the first foreign visitors she has seen.

The living quarters of the governor.

The bed and the couch During the day the platform is used as a living/dining room. At night you roll out the blankets and sleep there.

The Kitchen

The oldest son's living quarters.

The raised bed is heated by a fire box. My friend in Tuk says her grandmother's home is just like this. Her other grandmother still lives in a Yurt.

The Government School

The governor's offices and room.

So many beautiful paintings all around!

It was a very pleasant day and there is still more to come! 

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