Monday, August 8, 2016

A.S.I.A. Women's Conference 2016

Once again I was privileged to be able to attend the Associated Sisters in Asia Women's Conference in Hong Kong on March 10th - 12th. Back in November when I asked Sister Carrie Chiles if I could attend, even though I no longer lived in Asia, she said sure. She also asked if I would like to submit a topic to be considered as a presenter. I submitted my topic and was selected. What a wonderful, terrifying, spiritually growing experience it was for me!

I love these ladies! Me with Heather Brown who was attending from India, and Cherilyn Williams from Pakistan.

The A.S.I.A. Women's Conference 250+ sisters strong!

Committee members Dori Shaner and Heidi Gailey are ready to welcome their sisters to the conference.

 Our wonderful committee-

One of the things I love about the conference are all the photos taken of the different delegations from all over the world. Of course, China has the largest delegation. 

I don't have all of the delegation photos up here, but I do have a few:

South Korea








United Arab Emirates


United States of America - Yes, that's Celeste Mergens, Founder of Days for Girls International on the left, Amie Heap, Senior Nutrition Advisor for the Bureau of Global Health for USAid, second from the right, and Shiloh is on the right

Saudi Arabia





 Hong Kong

Thursday afternoon was registration, meet and greet and working on making kits for the 
Days For Girls International service project!

If you don't know what Days for Girls International is, please click on this link!

Everyone was busy cutting, sewing, ironing, folding and assembling kits.

Shiloh manned on of the sewing machines for the first day..

The second day, on her free time, she was busy ripping out seams in a few kits that were put together incorrectly.

 Lunch was delicious as was the "Walking Breakfast" on Saturday. The food committee outdid themselves!

It is such a wonderful opportunity to meet our sisters in the faith from all around the world.

Me with Heather Brown
On the right is Susan Southam Jackson friend.

Celeste Mergens greeting a couple sisters at the Service Project.

 We had wonderful General Session speakers.
Celeste Mergens spoke to us on Thursday evening about the founding of Days for Girls International and it's mission, and on Saturday gave some of us the
Days for Girls International Ambassador Training.

From the left, A.S.I.A. Womens Conference President Carrie Chiles, speaker Amie Heap, and counselors for the A.S.I.A Women's Conference, Heidi Gaily and Debbie Dickens.

The conference choir directed by Heather Brown (yes, Shiloh and I both sang in the choir).

Amie, Carrie and Celeste

Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong and his wife Carol were wonderful Keynote Speakers

There were 17 different presenters in 24 breakout sessions. What a blessing and a growing experience for me. Thank you my dear sisters for trusting me to do this.

Shiloh videoed my presentation. I hope to see it someday. ;-)

I was overwhelmed as the sisters filled up my room and even sat in the hall to listen to my presentation on "I Can Do Hard Things".

What a wonderful time we had!

We had such a wonderful and uplifting Conference and week in Hong Kong.

Hey Shiloh, why don't we do it again - And bring your sisters with us next time?

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