Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stealing Time with the Munchkins....

June 5, 2017

Before I left North Carolina, I shared some hugs and kisses with my littlest girls Rachel and Izzy, at Shiloh and Jason's new house.

While everyone was busy stripping wallpaper and unpacking boxes, I tried to figure out how to steal their Tiffany Chandelier. There was no way to do it with everyone in and out of the house the whole time, so I stole something else. 

I packed Maggie, Micah and Benny in my car and whisked them away to Tupelo with me.

Kudos to whoever invented the drop down DVD players in mini vans. You are a genius! We arrived in Tupelo in time for the kids to spend time with Grandpa Darryl. He popped them popcorn, introduced them to the "Chi Machine", read some stories and put on a movie to watch before going to bed.
Benny loved getting on the Chi Machine and would prefer to lay there and watch TV.
Tuesday June 6th 
Grandpa left at 6:00 in the morning for St. Louis, so it was just the 4 of us.
"Good Morning!"

Maggie decided to eat her breakfast on the balcony.

It was 84 degrees and cloudy at 11:00 in the morning, so we decided to go swimming. Benny insisted on wearing his rain boots to the pool.

They had a great time playing at the pool and on the steps....

Nothing like having the whole place to yourself!

After the pool we cleaned up and drove over to the Library in Amory. It had started to rain and it seemed like a good place to spend the afternoon as they have a wonderful children's library with a puppet stage, toys and so much more for the children to play with.

Wednesday June 7, 
Good Morning Grandma!
Benny decided that the doll's bench was a perfect place for him to read his library book
Micah taught him the ancient art of paper fan fighting.

We decided to spend Tuesday at the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo. 

A neat little place in Tupelo for the whole family! Here the kids get photobombed by a Capuchin Monkey.

Micah knows how to call a turkey.. gobble, gobble!

Benny wanted to touch everything. I think I said "Don't stick your finger in the fence" a dozen times. He liked the Fallow deer's spots. 

That duck will bite you Benny, don't stick your finger in there!

We did find some animals that we were able to feed, like this young camel.

All aboard the Buffalo train! 

We rode out to the prairie where we were able to get off and see the bison up close and personal.

And believe it or not, we got to feed the buffalo! 

By "Feed the Buffalo", I mean you get to throw food in their trough.

The kids seemed to really enjoy it! And then we had another surprise!

This Mama Zebra and her 4 day old foal came up to the trough on the other side looking for food.

Zebras are such beautiful animals!

By 1:00 when we finished up at the Buffalo park it was 92 degrees. We decided the best thing to do after lunch was to go to the splash park and cool off!

Micah making friends! He and this young man had a great time "shooting" each other with the water cannon!

Benny really didn't like getting spayed and splashed.

But Maggie was in the thick of things the whole time.

All too soon it was time to go home.

They spent some time at the playground before dinner.

We decided the best way to end the day was to have a picnic on the balcony! It was such a delight to have grandkids at Grandma's house again!

The next day they had to leave to go home but it's okay. I am looking forward to more visits this summer!

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