Saturday, April 26, 2008

ROAD TRIP! Touring Essaouira

Last Saturday we went up the coast 3 hours to the town of Essaouira. It was a very winding drive but it was worth it. The following 6 posts are pictures of the old Arab part of town built in the late 1600's called the Medina, The coast of Africa and other interesting things we saw while on this trip. The Medina is completely surrounded by walls. (and the rest of the town) This is the outside wall and some typical gates.

One of the wider streets. And yes, people still live and work entirely within the Medina. (Several thousand people to be exact.) You can also stay at hotel's within the Medina.

Sometimes the streets get a little narrow. Some streets are lined with shops, others are just residences.


Kelly and Jesse said...

Those are some great pictures. I wish we could be there. Love you!

Leisha said...

My Mom would have a hey-dey in that market place! It looks so fun.

I can't even imagine being someplace that ancient!