Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday Surprise

Saturday we spent a couple hours at the beach waiting to see if the winds would change so Cody could take his first Kite-surfing lesson. The winds did not change, so the lesson never materialized. But the beach was fun. Dad and Cody went bodyboarding for a while.
In the late afternoon we went for a drive up in the Atlas mountains
After 40 minutes we came around the corner and BAM! A beautiful oasis right in the middle of nowhere. It was quite lovely and very picturesque.

We took a different route home and I thought I might be back home in Menan.... except the temperature was quite warm and these are goats, not sheep. They still like to block the road though.
The is a view of may grain fields, believe it or not. They do not cut down the Argan trees in their fields, they simply plow and sow around them. (which is easier when using oxen, or mules or doing it by hand). I have seen very few tractors in the countryside.

Sunset in the mountains.


Kelly and Jesse said...

It looks so warm. Ok I am making this comment on your blog so hopefully my sisters will read it. Shiloh and Cami you need to update your blogs. If you don't have anything to write about do what I do, make it up. Just kidding I don't make it up. I just go through old pics until I find something I want to write about. Even if it happened last year. Also when I did my engagement post I tagged all my sisters and my mom. So why are there no engagement stories. If you don't have your invite maybe Cali can scan it and e-mail it to you. then you can post it. Anyway I love you all and I want to hear about your exciting lives.

Roger & Ann Clark Family said...

Cindy, I love looking at the pictures on your blog. Like I always say, you have the best adventures! It's fine for you to link my blog. I had already linked to yours and didn't ask. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Keep posting the great pictures. It's so neat to see how people live in other areas. I love the goat picture.

David & Jessica said...

I'm glad that you saw something that reminded you of good old Menan!

Leisha said...

The landscape is somewhat Idaho-esque isn't it? Sans the oasis, of course.

I've never really seen a real oasis, even in pictures...that is so pretty!