Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Fun at the State Tournament!

Oh Yes!!!!! The Day we have been waiting for all year has finally arrived. Yesterday was the start of the 2009 State wrestlling tournament. Cami, Jacob and Lily flew in on Thursday to be here for the tournament and Hillary and Jake brought them up. Everyone was there, even Shiloh was represented (Sort of). Cami made a Proxy Dummy to represent Shiloh. Gideon and Lily played, the adults watched and cheered and mom tired not to panic. (Cody got the takedowns, but mom made the escape!) Wrestling started at 10:00 in the morning. Skye and Ryan had to miss his first match because of work and school, but they were there by 1:30 for the rest of the fun.

Cami made us a 'Shiloh' to cheer with the family! GO CODY!!!

It's amazing how Gideon and Lily are about the same size as Shiloh!

Pep talk at the start of the Tournament!

Taking on Shelby Talbot, a senior from Eagle High School.

Going for the Single leg.

Cody got the takedown!

Taking control and never letting up!

The winner by decision 6-4

Cody and Shiloh relaxing while our guys Jacob, Kelly, Ryan and Jake, watch another match!Jesse, Hillary, Jacob, Dad, Gideon, Lily, Cami and Ryan (and Shiloh, who is always happy here at the state tournament) waiting for the next round.

Starting the second match against Todd Anderson of Twin Falls.
Lily shows her support for Uncle Cody with her face paint while she plays between matches.
The Family watching!

Okay, I don't know who I am watching, but since everyone else is looking the other way I assume it isn't Cody. (I don't sit very well during his matches, I am generally running up and down the aisles. )
Cody gets a takedown.
Don't let him escape!
This almost gives me a heart attack! Cody caught in a headlock! He got out though!
Dominating again!
Cody beat Todd 12-8.
He snacked a little too much after his matches and weighed 1.4 pounds over, so he had to run a little and sweat off that pound and a half before he could weigh in for tomorrow.

Cody is now in the Semi-finals that start at 11:00 this morning. He is in the medal rounds, so we are excited that he will be getting a medal at state!

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Elaina said...

Congratulations Cody!! Great job! Nice to see most of the family there together cheering him on. See how much everyone has grown.