Sunday, April 26, 2009

What We've Been Up To....

It's all work here the last two weeks. Forming footers and forming the stem wall.

In other news, we have been going to the Warner Robins 1st ward. It's one of the largest wards in the Macon, GA stake. Cody, of course, has been very busy with YSA activities and also being asked to the youth fireside. Our Ward participated in the Church Day of Service sponsored by our church. Over 95 stakes throughout the South Eastern United States participated in cleaning up parks and other community areas. We had a great turn out from the two Warner Robins wards.
Skye and Ryan arrived here in Warner Robins about 3 hours ago so now we can look forward to Ryan's great Grilling and playing family games again!

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Elaina said...

Sounds like fun over there and the footings look good from here great job! Love watching my husband build houses and listening about how they build them. Never seen a dome being built and I think it would be fascinating.