Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday and Terraces

This weekend was a lot of fun and WORK!!!!
Darryl, Ryan, Skye and I went to Shiloh and Jason's after a quick overnight stop in Augusta.
The morning started off with Pancakes, bacon and eggs and then on to the real work.
On Saturday Shiloh, Skye and I canned three cases of peaches with the help of Emily, Adrianna and Lydia. The girls had great fun slipping the skins off of the blanched peaches. As they sat in a circle with their aprons on they decided it was just like pioneer times. The men and boys were working outside and the women were working in the kitchen.
The guys were busy terracing Shiloh and Jason's back yard which used to be just a 6 ft. hill of sand that sloped down to the back door..
Preston helps by walking on the wet sand. (At least he said he was helping).
They moved and filled a lot of the sand with the Bobcat, but the sand was so deep it would sometimes get stuck. Still they perservered and soon the project was looking good.

The hill was cutback and four terrace boxes were placed on the left, and the wall on the right ended up being 8 Rail road ties high.
As a gift to Shiloh and Jason, Darryl bought some plants to landscape the boxes with. I forgot to take pictures after we planted. Maybe Shiloh can get some up.
Adam stayed inside most of the day, so he didn't get too dirty.
After helping with the peaches Lydia went out to help her daddy and grandpa. She looks like she had a good time though....

You gotta love a face that looks like that!!!!!

Ahhhh... All cleaned up and ready to play with grandpa!
Cami and Lily ready for church!

Cheese! (We teased Preston about wearing a sweater to church. Turns out he was the smart one. It was sooo cold at stake conference that we were all freezing by the time it was over.

Preston showing off the "Nauvoo" cap.

Sunday was Lydia's 3rd Birthday. Hip-Hip- Hooray!!!

She knows how to blow out her candles! It only took her 4 tries.
Shiloh's stair steps, and to think there is one on the way. Due February 15th.
After we were done Adam kept standing around smiling for the camera!
Have a good day!


Kelly and Jesse said...

Yeah we love family!!!

Cali and Travis said...

What cuties they are! I'm excited to see them again soon next month!