Monday, September 28, 2009

Being a Little Extreme!

What we have been up to in September.....
On September I talked Cali into coming with me to the 9/12 Rally in Pocatello. We had a good crowd for a Saturday during harvest, over 500 people. I made a sign for Gideon and many people smiled when they read it.
Cali and I both spoke at the Rally. It is good to be around so many like minded individuals. I had a chance to go to the rally in Washington D.C. I am sorry I missed it, but was glad I got to participate here.


We were cleaning before leaving for Mexico and look what Darryl found on my "Dutch" shelf. Yes, that is an Easter Egg. It had cracked open and was stuck to the little plate and the wood, when I tried to move it it exploded and boy did it stink!

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Jacob and Cami said...

That's disgusting! Didn't Cody eat an easter egg once that he found several months after easter? Good thing he's in California.