Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting to Mexico

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Mesa Temple. ...
Unfortunately it was closed due to women's conference, but we enjoyed touring the grounds.
We drove down to Tucson Saturday evening and on Sunday went to church. This church building with a working bell tower was built in 1954.

After church we changed clothes and headed for the border.

The highway was lined with seguaro cactuses.

We can't believe how green it is as a result of the hurricane.

Our first sunset in Mexico.

On Monday, as we drove to Guaymas, this is how the mountain looked that looms over the city.

This is the front of our apartment (the ground floor with 2 chairs) taken from the beach.

Early Tuesday Morning we took pictures of the town of San Carlos and

the mountain that looms over it. This is what we see in the mornings. We live about 10 miles from Guaymas and about 3 from San Carlos.

Our Condos are Bahia Delfin or Dolphin Bay. This is the reason why....

Every morning we step out our door at six o'clock and watch the dolphins play!
Adios Amigos!!!!


Hillary and Jake said...

I am no longer speaking to you until you find a way to get us down there for Christmas

Jacob and Cami said...

I am officialy jealous. I know we live by the beach, but we don't live on the beach and I haven't seen any dolfins. Plus you have all the great mexican food and FLAN you can eat.

Jessica said...

Looks amazing! Add me to the "Jealous" list!

Cali and Travis said...

Yeah add me to the not speaking list. It snowed here yesterday.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Okay... but I can't eat any flan. Does that count?

Guffey Family said...

oh you CAN eat the flan you are just choosing not to, so no that doesn't count. Lucky