Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surviving Hurricane Jemina

Something you may not know is..... what is up with these lines???? Why won't they go away like they ususally do? Ugh!!

Okay.. On with the lined story. Guaymas is on the coast of Sonora, Mexico just across the Sea of Cortez from the Baja Penninsula. When Hurricane Jimena did not track to the west, but rather turned east over Baja, it sat right on top of Guaymas.

Darryl said the rain started Wednesday and by Wednesday evening it was a torrential downpour with high winds. The above picture is from Thursday morning. They went through this water, but were unable to get to their job site. By the time they came back to this spot the water was running 3 feet over the road.
They turned around and tried to get back to the Apartment a different way, but the town of Guaymas had 3 to 4 feet of water running through the streets and they could not get through. (The above pictures of the newspaper shows streets of downtown Guaymas.)
They drove across the desert and up the mountain to another town where one of the engineers, Lalo, has family and spent Thursday night in Obregon.
Darryl was supposed to fly out of Hermisillo Friday afternoon, but all of the roads were closed and all commercial flights were booked and a little "iffy" because of the severe weather.
A friend of Lalo's had a private plane and flew Darryl to Hermasillo where he was able to catch his flight home. The newspaper reports that they had around 39 inches of rain in 24 hours, and it was still coming down. Darryl came home with no luggage, toiletries, etc. We are not going down for another week or two. I hope we still have apartment then.

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Jessica said...

You Cunninghams are always having such great adventures! Good luck on the trip back! :)