Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life in the Guffey House

A few notes about life at the Guffey house.... Emily and Preston try out the new tablecloth.
Preston was trying to be very patient as he waited on his surprises grandma brought from Mexico.
Shiloh's eye's popped right out of her head when she saw them.
(Not really, the busted blood vessels were the result of a difficult labor in the last hour or so.)
The remodel on the hallway and kids bedroom is going well and looks fantastic!
Jonas and Preston love their room now! We have 3 more sets of book shelves to paint in the hall and mom and dad's room and then we can start putting books and things away in those areas!
Maggie takes after Aunt Cami! Look at her suck on her fingers!
Hey Grandpa... Everyone loved their Kinder Eggs!
And their Mexican Souviners!
The Luchador's meet the Mexican Dolls!
Thank you Grandpa Darryl!!!!
"Hey Nacho... Can you help me with my egg?"
The Super Baby Luchador, Nacho Libre, complete with cape, to the rescue!

Adam taking time out to snuggle little sister Maggie.

Grandma multi-tasking. Holding little Maggie and doing my work on the computer.

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Hillary and Jake said...

I miss the kids. They are so adorable