Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Memory

I have been thinking about posting some pictures of Christmases past but then realized I will needs Jake's help to get the scanner going on this computer. Until then I have 2 fun memories I would like to share.

Christmas 1981 - Cami and the Doll House - Santa and his big elf Bill had spent days working on a doll house for little Cali, Shiloh and baby Cami. On Christmas Day the girls were delighted when they woke up and found this huge house for their Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Later that morning while I was in the kitchen I heard Cami crying and giggles coming from the girls. Cami was 7 months old and had crawled in the back side of the play house and had tried to go out the door. Her head was stuck! It was so funny. I am pretty sure I have a picture of that. OH.... and we just turned her shoulders sideways and she came out the door just fine. That kind of gives you an Idea of how big that house was.

Christmas 1995 or 1996 - The Perfect Christmas Tree. - If memory serves me correctly I think Jesse, Skye, Cody and Hillary went out and chopped down (to the horror of some of their big sisters) an 8 ft. tall Charlie Brown Tree. I believe it was Skye (always so tenderhearted) who thought the tree was lonely and the other trees would make fun of it. The trunk was about 2 inches in diameter, the gaps between branches were 12 - 18 inches and the needles were long, soft and sparse. We decorated the tree by putting stuffed toys and Santas hugging the trunk, popcorn strings, Cranberry strings and homemade ornaments. I also remember how quiet and peaceful Christmas time was with the oil lamps burning and the Garber's coming over and singing the night away with Linda at the piano and Jimmy on his guitar. And it seemed like every other day we would come home to a package on the porch, from a Secret Santa, full of toys, clothes and even groceries.

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Jacob and Cami said...

Christmas' in Carbon were some of my favorite. I secretly want a Charlie Brown tree!