Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For my girls who live far away. Yes, mom and dad did take the time to decorate this year.
The large Santa is a bank that I gave my Grandpa Eppert for Christmas when I was 7 or 8 yrs. old.
And Hillary.... I found your stocking!
The atrium is a little sparse of plant life right now, but the garland and the pointsettias help.

The ceramic pieces of this Nativity were made by my Grandmother Ruth Fiege and given to my parents in 1964. About 4 yrs ago I found the perfect stable for it.
I have lost one piece to this beautiful set, the angel which would attach to the top of the original stable that my mother had made for this Creche.
The balcony with it's customary Chili lights and garland. The Grinch is only inflated when Gideon or other children are here. (see previous post)
The stairway....
Hmmmm..... I guess I forgot to include pictures of the window seat railing and the Mexicali tree in the window. I will do it next week. They are up, but I am not going to undo this whole post just to add them. :-)
The dining room table with Grandma Peggy's table runner.
The little village plus 2 nativities I brought home from Mexico.

More of my collection of Nativites.
The figurines in the Nativity set in the very back I found in 1988 in a box that was labled "Lofstroms first Nativity set". The box was stuffed in a wrinkled paper bag that I almost threw away without looking inside. It was full of pictures from the 1930's and this Nativity.
What a treasure!
My little caroler musical doll....

I know this looks like an elf, but he is really guarding the presents. Gideon grabs him by the top of his had and drags him around the house talking to him.
My snowman village
My collection of pillow covers and my music boxes. So far Gideon has been too busy with the stuffed Santas in the cradle and the Elf Guard to bother with the musical pieces. I am sure that will change.
And Finally .... The tree.
I know, it's not our normal 23' tree but there is a reason for that. A day or two after Thanksgiving I asked Darryl if he was going to cut down a big tree for the courtyard. He looked at me like I was crazy (in his defense the temperature outside was in the single digits with below -0 windchills and 18" of snow on the ground). I said to him "That's not gonna fly next year". To Which he smiled and replied, "Next year he can go out in the cold and cut down the tree!"
Yes... and he (Cody) will be here to help decorate the top of it!
We are agreed.
Small tree, easy to handle and decorate this year and next year Big Tree for Cody to Cut, haul, and decorate!


Cali and Travis said...

It will still be a great venue for a fun and exciting Christmas morning after the appropriate visit from Santa. Even without a 20+ foot tree.

Jacob and Cami said...

I love all your Nativities! They're my favorite part of Christmas decorations.

mike and dru said...

I know Christmas Day has come and gone now, but I just was remembering the excitement of having that missionary phone call!