Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Once There Was a Snowman.... and Some Decorating Fun

Okay... I couldn't take it anymore. All this snow on the ground and we didn't have a snowman on the place. I took matters into my own hands and built my own little Frosty. He stands 15" tall and has a Christmas light bulb for a nose.

Now if I can just find him a hat!
Cali, Gideon and Parker came over last night to help us decorate for Christmas.

I was cooking supper when I had to leave the kitchen to help Cali. Upon my return I found Gid the Kid helping himself to fingers of butter.
When it came to decorating there was only one thing Gideon was interested in...
helping Grandpa put up the Grinch!
We put him inside this year for Gideon's enjoyment. .... and because neither one of us wanted to go out in the cold last night and try to drive stakes through 2ft. of snow to put him up!
Uh.... not so close Grandpa...
After the successful Grinch inflation we moved on to personal grooming. Gideon was not to keen on getting a hair cut. Actually, he screamed and squirmed and tried to jump down. We finally got it cut and then he insisted on vacuuming up his hair.
Through all this little Miss Parker sleeping peacefully being watched over by......
... well, they aren't exactly Angels, but stuffed Santas will do.


berkle said...
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Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

I love the grinch!