Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Am "Confessing"

It started innocently enough. Taking care of my daughter after surgery,... bringing her food and drink,.... making sure she took her medication and keeping her company while she watched TV.

She had told me about watching Korean Television on Netflix and how much she enjoyed it and I just smiled (my silly little girl, who is almost 23) and told her I wasn't interested - until that day when I was taking care of her and she introduced me to this show ......


It sucked me in and I am now confessing that I LOVE Korean Television Shows!

The programs I have been watching - - Boys Before Flowers (The F4 were a little over the top at first but you can't help falling in love with all of them!), Playful Kiss (Noodles, school and one sided love), My Princess (Diplomat Park is enough to make you want to join the Diplomatic Corps) - are clean, fun, with no gross lewdness or Sexual inuendos. (A kiss is a real big deal in Korea) I am only one episode into City Hunter but Hillary highly recommends it!

Sometimes it's silly (like American TV) Sometimes it breaks your heart (yes, I cried), sometimes the acting seems a little cheesey (like American TV), but so far it's been clean, sweet fun and the newest one (City Hunter) is full of action. (Think James Bond meets Jason Bourne in Korean)

Watching these Korean Dramas, Comedies and now City Hunter, has made me realize what a beautiful, modern country South Korea is. I see their culture and I want to learn all I can. I am even planning a trip to Korea! Darryl, as always, is indulging me in my latest obsession. Look what he bought me! (I am so spoiled!)

Yes, this is a true love affair with all things Korean! I even found a Korean store in New Orleans where I can buy Kimchi and other Korean foods! I now have my favorite Korean actresses and actors and I am learning the basics of the language.
Check it out sometime on Netflix, Drama Fever or

If you do watch an episode, please comment and let me know what you think.

Until Then..........



Hillary and Jake said...

I love the fact you said "Confessing". That just made my day. and how did you get your key board to type in Hangeul?

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Copy and paste from Google translate. :-)

Cali and Travis said...

You people are WEIRD!!!!!!

Hillary and Jake said...

Don't knock it til you've tried it.