Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cody is Home!!!!!

Note: When I changed the battery on my camera Tuesday morning I guess I set the date wrong. It should say 8-23-2011.

Yes.... After 2 years and 4 days our missionary has come home!!!

We made signs and got to the airport just in time because.....

His plane came in 10 minutes early! We just barely got the signs out before he came through the door. Thanks Cody for waiting to be last off of the plane!!

Then it was time for Hugs!!!! I waited 2 years for this moment!

He talked on the phone to a sister or two...

What a Happy Day!

Afterward it was BBQ and Birthday cake at Cali's.

The day's funniest moment. .. Cody reached over and put his hand on Jesse's baby belly and was commenting that she had a basketball under her dress when little baby Tyree decided to move. We heard him say "WHoaaa!!!! and this is what we saw! Too Funny!

Dad, Hillary and Cody all opened birthday gifts.
Cody didn't get his birthday gift from dad until after he had been released. He didn't even go in and change before trying it out!

The last couple days have been consumed with unpacking, shopping for a phone and new running shoes, signing up for a 5k this Saturday, applying for a job, and spending time with family. (which ususally involves eating) We will have more pictures from this weekend. Until then... I need to get another Cody hug.
See you later

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Jessica said...

Welcome home, Cody! Congrats to all of the family!
Love the pic of the baby Tyree moving! (Cat's out of the bag now, huh?!)
Also like the gift... so manly! :)