Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Muppet Baby, Zombies and Darryl Finds the Wings

I will start this post by stating that I LOVE all of my grandchildren! I think they are the most beautiful babies in the world. But let's face it, sometimes they do things, or look a certain way that just makes you smile. Okay.... sometimes you gotta laugh. Take this little angel for instance.

My beautiful little Tyree!
Here she looks like a sweet little angel....

But then she can also look like this.....

I couldn't help it... I had to laugh. She reminded me of the little Muppet Christmas Carolers. Click here and watch for them starting at the 1:56 mark.
Tyree... You know grandma loves you!!

Speaking of funny looking... Cody and I had a lot of fun at the Zombie Bash 5k.

This is my friend Kristin.. This was her very first 5k. She helped teach me the Thriller Dance.

Okay.. a little advice to the pasty white college kid on the front row. PUT YOUR SHIRT ON DUDE!! And it wouldn't hurt if you laid off the beer and did some Insanity work outs. The old tan dude next to you is about to smoke you fool! (Yeah.... the old guy in his 50's finished second overall and 1st in the masters with a time of 17:40+) Or at least find some old fat white-er gal to stand next to.

Cody coming in 5th with a time of 18:23. Advice to future runners. . . When you cross the finish line and they hand you a little piece of paper, don't put it in your pocket! Fill it out and hand it in. That has the order of finish on it and they want to know your name and how old you are.

Cody didn't turn his slip with the 5th place finish on it so he didn't get credit for his 5th place finish or for finishing 1st in his age group.
Lesson learned... (I hope).

He did run back up the course and encouraged me as I finished the race. I finished with a personal record of 37:23.

ON Saturday Darryl and I went to Houma, LA so I could run in the Race for the Wetlands. All the festivities were held on the property of this old plantation home.

As soon as I finished my run Darryl insisted that we go get some wings and Jambalaya. He was a rush to get the food... then I found out why. :-)

It was a great weekend. Can't wait to have more fun on my next run!


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Fun! Want to see the thriller dance.

Cali and Travis said...

Two races in like 15 hours, I have to say mom, that's pretty hard core. But the hard work's paying off, you're looking thinner in every photo.

Speaking of photos, I had to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol after seeing Tyree's Muppet photo again & now I'm totally in the mood for Christmas! Thanks!

Cali and Travis said...

Oh a PS - Soooooo not surprised that daddy found the Hooters table. That seems typical. And as for the ripped old dude with the hot body.... WOW!!!!!!!!