Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin and Hawaii Fun

So, it is my duty as Grandma to make sure that this little Reagan Pumpkin is appropriatly dressed. Since there were only 3 days to Halloween and Reagan has 4 Halloween sleepers I thought I better get started. I took them all to the hospital and played dress up with the smallest one.

Today when Skye and Ryan brought her home they dressed her in this holiday number. Gideon loved holding her, but she wasn't too happy.
Don't Ask. ... I really don't know why I am looking at Parker like that. I think Cali took this picture to blackmail me or something.

Tonight was the haunted barn up at Turtle Bay. Parker and Gideon put on their costumes and got their Party on!

Wednesday morning we went to the beach. Cali has lost so much weight she had to get a new swimsuit, so she gifted me with her old one.

Parker didn't want anything to do with the sand and water this day.

Cali, Gideon and Travis had a lot of fun in the waves.

Aloha Until Next time!

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