Sunday, June 17, 2012

Memorial Day in Pictures

(With story & captions by Cali) "Seriously? We're going where?  And I have to come?"

 "I'd rather be home writing novel-length love letters to my girlfriend. Or you know, trimming my nose hairs."
 "Instead I'll smile and pretend I'm not bummed to be out with my mom."
 "Dad's checking out the view, I think I'll check out facebook."
 "Yeah, yeah, yeah, mom likes the view too, but just let me finish this status update!"
 "Okay, I'm looking.  What am I supposed to see?"

 "Staring into the abyss.....Still staring....And more staring.... Are we there yet?"
 "Woops that one was silent but deadly!  Hope no one smelled that!"
"Fantastic!  They drag me all the way out to this freakin' island and now I have to be the pack mule!"
" We should pass a law that shirtless dudes should be in better shape."
 "And girls headed to the beach shouldn't be so white! Wow she's so bright we need to wear shades!"
" Is that a turtle or did some one let their dog off it's leash to his business?"

 "Cool a fort!  They housed 20,000 P.OW.'s on this island during the civil war.  Okay that's sort of a cool fact based on the knowledge that this island is only like 3 miles wide & 3 miles long.  Where would they put that many bodies?  Living or dead?"
 "Oh right.  This swamp looks like a good spot to dispose of some bodies.."

" Hermit crabs are weird."

 "Sometimes I'm so overcome by my own awesomeness, I have to pause and stare off into the horizon and reflect on just how blessed I am."
 "Girl look at that body!  I work out!  Yeah that's right.  Welcome to the gun show ladies!"
 "I do have a bad farmer's tan though.  Maybe I should put the eye candy away & cover up so I don't get fried!"
 "I'm gonna make a mermaid who looks like my Eden.  If I can't have the real thing at least I can hold this sand at night and dream."
 "Okay so mermaid didn't really pan out I'll make a shark instead."
 "Sharks are cool."
 "I wish I were a shark."

 "Time for a history lesson kids."
 "This old fort is old...blah, blah, blah...."
 "Dude!  Dad's legs are whiter than mine!  And he's wearing flip flops!  That's just wrong!"
 "I wasn't really paying attention, so I don't know what this display is all about."


"All I hear is the teacher from Peanuts...Wah...wah...wah..."

 "That's a steep, winding staircase.  And dad still looks weird in flip flops."

"Blah...blah...blah...more old stuff...blah...blah...blah..."

"Cool view though...."

 "Cannons are awesome!"
 "Oh I'm bored, I'm so bored....Oh I'm bored, I'm so bored. I'm singing with a ukelele so those cute French girls on that towel over there will look my way..."
 "Very funny dad.  Ha ha ha.  We're all laughing."
 "What else can I make out of sand?"

"Oh look, out in the water, those French chics!"


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Cali, I should let you narrate all of my posts! FYI- we were on Ship Island which is off the coast of Gulf Port, Mississippi. It is 3 miles long and 1/3 of a mile wide. The Military usually kept around 100 soldiers here to man the fort, but during the Civil War they housed POW's here, many of them High Profile southern spies, etc., and there were nearly 20,000 people on the island.

Hillary and Jake said...

All I can think is "And they were no match for his bodacity"

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