Saturday, June 30, 2012

World Championship Jambalaya Cook-off

I thought I should get this post up since it is from Memorial Day Weekend. 
On Saturday the 26th of May Darryl and I went to The Jambalaya Cook - off World Championships held right here in Gonzales.

 The Jambalaya from the competition is served up to the public.

 This year's competition featured Chicken Jambalaya.

Along with a lot of Beer....

 Live bands providing continuous music....

 Amusements, lots of food and rides......

 And the festival committee also cooks up Jambalaya to sell. Talk about delicious!

 They had an inside band and dancing. 

 It was 90+ degree outside and so inside with good music, air-conditioning and dancing was a pleasant place to be.

 Oh yeah.... I bet that was some good Jambalaya that came out of that pot.

That's a lot of rice and meat!

I imagine some of you might recognize these guys. They are the "Swamp Cuzzins"  from the History
Channel's Swamp People TV show. Click on the name to link to their website.

 We found an elephant. The Grand Old Party!
One of the Semi-final rounds is underway. All of the Competition Jambalaya is cooked over a wood fire. Even in the Children's division.

And we ran into some Jambalaya Royalty. Yes, that is the state of Louisiana on her Crown.

The signs around town leave no doubt as to where you are. 

We found the splash park but Darryl was a little sad when he read the sign.

Jambalaya city park also has a nice outdoor stage and pavilion. 

All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and I am glad we were able to be in Gonzales for it!

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