Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finishing up the Month of June!

 On June 26th Cami came up for a ten day visit with Lily, Ransom and Gage. We hiked up the butte, took rides on grandma's scooter, played in the sprinklers, went to the zoo and circus, celebrated Independence day and more... What a fun time we had! I will put up a couple posts, but for this now here are pictures of what we did on the last Friday in June.

 Hiking the butte with Cami and the kids!
Something was very interesting in the bush.
 Time for a water break! It was a pretty warm day in the upper 80's. 

Yay!!!! We made it to the top of the butte!

We made it to the top of the butte! 

 The kids had a great time tossing rocks into the crater of the butte!

Gage was so adorable and he loved to throw the rocks down the hill.

Cami (who is an awesome photographer) documents all the fun as Ransom, Lily and Gideon toss rocks off the "cliff". 

Even Tyree and Parker got into the rock throwing fun! 

It was a warm day so as soon as we got home it was time to play in the sprinklers and eat Otter Pop popsicles.
 Another day of fun at grandma and grandpa's!


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