Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June is Bustin' Out on the Butte!

The month of June was very full and very fun! It started with a nature tour of the South Butte led by Ed Williams. I had no idea there was so much unique flora on this butte I call home!

 I learned to identify dozens of new flowers and plants on the butte as I hiked with a group from church. (The above flowers are Arrow leaf Balsam Root.) The following Monday, Darryl and I hiked down with the river with our neighbors. It was so enjoyable!

 In mid-June Darryl went to the Superintendents conference in Utah where we met up with Lalo and his new wife, Cintia. Lalo was up from Obregon, Mexico for the conference. Here is Hillary and Cintia holding little Gabriel. Hillary and Jake's house in Springville became our meeting place for a couple of days.

On Thursday June 20th Cali, Cody, Skye, Jacob and myself along with 7 friends ran the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back! The weather was beautiful and it was a great Race! Darryl was with us as he was the our driver and main cheerleader/photographer for our team. 
 Cali looking fabulous for her first run. She was covered with dirt and dust afterward.
Below I take off for my first 4 mile run!

Waiting for our second runner, Susan Wilson, to come in. The race course is 198 miles from Logan, UT to Park City, UT. 

Our team was called "Holy Blinking Buttlights Batman!" so we all dressed as Batman/Justice League members. I was Poison Ivy, Cali was Catwoman and Malia Kerr was Wonder Woman.

Darryl and I climbed the hill outside of park City on Friday morning to await Mali's arrival!
 At the Finish line: Back row - Jake Guffey as the innocent bystander, Richard Hale as the Joker, Diana Seegmiller as Harley Quinn, Cody as Batman, Susan Wilson as Batgirl, Doug Griffith as The Bathroom Bandit, Malia Kerr as Wonder Woman. Front Row: - Cali as Cat Woman, Jarret Wade as the Riddler, Me as Poison Ivy, Skye as Robin and Cary Bott was our POW! girl!
 The following Monday, Cody and I took Skye, Reagan, Gideon, Parker and Tyree to the Idaho Falls Zoo. Cody and the kids rode the tiger....

Cody and Tyree also rode the chicken....
 Tyree and Reagan were pretty engrossed with the map but we managed to get them to look at the camera with Gideon and Parker.

Skye and Reagan loved riding the carousel!

I also finished quilting Skye and Ryan's wedding quilt - only 6 years after they were married.

And finally, Cami and her children came up to visit from New Mexico for 10 days. The arrived on the 26th of June just as the cherries were ripening on my cherry tree, so my little cherry pickers, Gideon, Lily and Ransom helped grandma pick enough cherries for 2 delicious pies!
That pretty much wraps up our month of June. I will post more Grandchildren pictures and 4th of July pictures in a day or two. Until then I hope you have a lovely day!

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ryan lowry said...

Mmmmmmmm cherry pie. Fun pictures! I hadn't seen the zoo pictures yet so thanks for posting. Feel free to post more if you like :-)