Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zoo Pictures for Skye

When I put up my original June post I only had time to include 3 pictures from our trip to the zoo. It has donned on me that I have become a slothful blogger and I need to do better. My blogging was originally meant so family and friends far away could see photographic evidence of what our family has been up to but I have been taking short cuts and putting up only a few pictures. I have decided to make amends. 
Skye has asked if I could put up more pictures from our trip to the zoo on June 24th. Along with Reagan, we took Gideon, Parker and Cody with us and met Lalo and Cintia at the zoo. Here is picture evidence of the fun we had! 
 First of all, Miss Reagan loved to play outside, but when it got quiet it was time to worry. This is where we found her one afternoon. She was wanting to help Grandpa.
 When we went to the zoo the kiddos had a fabulous time not just looking at the animals but also climbing, running and playing.
 Skye was right at home at the zoo since she works at the zoo in Columbia, SC. Reagan had a great time with her mom. The Penguins were a hit!
 Petting Mrs. Tiggywinkle (a hedgehog).
 Cody, Tyree and Reagan resting and nesting.
 Peek-a-Boo, I see you!

 Time for a drink.

A little break for lunch and fun at the carnival.

This was just too cute, just like a mother hen and her chicks!

Tyree knew exactly what to do on the Merry-Go-Round, horses are second nature to her, even pretend ones. 

Lalo and Cintia met us at the park. Lalo took the little girls on the Ferris Wheel ....

 While Skye rode with Gideon and Parker .....

And Cody took a much needed nap.

It was a fun and exhausting day! 
COMING SOON... Independence Day and July fun!

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