Thursday, July 3, 2014

Korea - Almost Living Hillary's Dream

We have walked and walked and walked all over the Insa-dong and surrounding areas here in Seoul, but have actually seen so very little of the City. What we have seen has been lovely, fun, mostly crowded with delicious foods. Hillary's dream has been to go to Korea (she is such a k-drama fan and loves all things Korean) and just wander Seoul and the country for a few days. To top off her list she would love to photo-bomb a filming of any kind of Korean TV show. Well, I almost got to do it! 
Many of the restaurants display their dishes on the street in a case. Of course the food is plastic and looks a little... um... odd, but it does give you an idea of what you might want to eat.

Sunday evening Darryl and I decided to try a traditional meal. We were walking in the little side streets when we found it. The seats were all on the floor and Darryl's legs won't bend "Indian style" so he stretched his legs out under the table. :-) 

We didn't realize how many courses we were going to get (6) but I was only able to get a few pictures of the first 3 courses. 

It was delicious and I enjoyed it immensely.

Hillary kept telling me to look for a TV show taping somewhere. The only thing I found was a newscast at the headwaters of the creek that runs through town. All of the yellow ribbons hanging everywhere around this plaza have hand written messages on them of well wishes for the survivors of the Sewol Ferry Accident. I assume that's what the newscaster was reporting on.

We wandered down to the wishing well before going on down the creek. 

The young people with flags, blue T-Shirts and flyers are advertising for Pagoda. Don't know what that is..

But they would chant and wave the flags and then the girls would pass out the ads. 

One day we found a lovely park outside one of the palaces where we rested for a few days. 

This palace was open but only had tours on the hour and English Tours only at 2:00 p.m.

We saw advertising for several musicals playing in town including Dracula, Wicked and CATS. 

Wonderful traditional Korean BBQ at our table. 

The fun of this Hand dipped ice cream shop is the tricks he does with the cones. For the best Soft Serve Ice Cream in Korea, go to McDonalds. 

 Fish Cakes on the street-

This is one of the places where the independence movement of Korea started in the early 1900's
Saturday we visited the grounds of the Buddhist Temple. 

I still have more photos of the Castle and the old part of town that I will post in a few days. 


short texan said...

Fascinating, Cindy, seeing it through your eyes! What a great opportunity!

Jacob and Cami said...

That's so cool! I want to be a world traveler when I grow up!

ryan lowry said...

Ditto Cami!